LOVPURE NATURAL INGREDIENTS CO., LTD. is a company that provides technological sales & services in natural & healthy sweeteners and ingredients, and is devoted to the advance of human health.

We are founded in Aug. 2016, and established international brand “Lovpure®”.  We supply different natural ingredients includingnatural sweetners.

       - We provide formulated sweetener products and technological services in food & beverage application.

       - We have rich experience in expanding the international healthcare market and in keeping sustainable development in the future.

Our mission:Purify Your Healthy Life  Sweeten Your Healthy Life

Purify Your Healthy Life  Sweeten Your Healthy Life


- Provide qualified products 

- Provide total solution

    - Technology supporting 

    - Customized products and services  

    - Formulating products   

- Customized services

Humanism & Truth

Humanism, everything bases on human's development and needs. LOVPURE is focusing on the development of human's potential, individual character and subjective personality.

Truth, the correct operation rules of things, the right way, the right principle way.

Adhering to the principle of “People-Oriented and company culture of “Truth”.

LOVPURE provides products and services match human’s natural and healthy life, gives enough space to staff who bringing his subjective initiative into company's development.

LOVPURE exploits a new service mode in phytochemistry field, goes ahead in the 'LOVPURE' way to be the best one.

Health & Nature

Health, herbal products from LOVPURE conform to international standards, the whole process from cultivation to finished products match human’s natural and healthy life.

Nature, pure natural products meet the Natural life attitude.

LOVPURE is devoted to providing pure natural and healthy product to bring more healthy and natural life to human.

Innovation & Development

Innovation, LOVPURE selected the market needed products,  meanwhile the service focus on business innovation, product innovation and service innovation  to provide the best products for human.

Development, LOVPURE treats the different sounds from market, customers and staff in the light of its development. Innovation is integrated into each development phase of  the company, staff and product.

LOVPURE payed attention to innovation and development, is committed to be one of the most development prospect company.


-  Regional strategic cooperating with the certificated suppliers.

-  Strategic cooperating with the third-party to ensure traceable quality system and product quality.

-  Authority Formula Laboratory providing the Total Solution Scheme in technical and formula service.

-  Focus on the sustainability development and supply of healthcare ingredients.